How to Pitch a Research Postcard

We are taking pitches for “research postcards” this summer.

What’s a research postcard?

A little peek into your research trip, to help make the experience of doing history more visible and tangible. Be creative with it!

What would a postcard even look like?

4-8 images. Or if it’s video/audio, an mp3/mp4 that’s no more than 2 mins, 20 secs long (due to the constraints of Twitter). If it’s something else (?) let us know what you’re thinking and we can figure something out.

What do we want in the pitch?

    • What archive you’re going to
    • When you’re going
    • What research project you’re working on
    • Why you think the trip would make a good postcard
    • How you’d format the postcard

We don’t want the actual postcard now, just the pitch.

Where should you send the pitch?

Email it to and put “Research Postcard” in the subject line.

Are we paying?

Yes. The base pay for a postcard will be $25.